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T he Industrial Statistics, aims at providing a comprehensive picture of the evolution, structure and developments in the Industrial Sector (mining and quarrying, manufacturing, electricity, gas and water),in terms of employment, output, sales, value added, stocks, investment, costs and prices. It incorporates the data previously published in the separate reports: Industrial Production Survey (published since 1963), Sales of Vine Products, Price Index for the Manufacturing Sector and Employment, Output and capital Formation in the Industrial Sector, which have been discontinued since 1984.
T he presentation of the data follws the United Nations International Standard Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC Rev.2) and the 1968 United Nations System of National Accounts (1968 SNA).
T his Report has been prepared by the staff of the Industrial Statistics Section of the Department of statistics and Research, under the guidance and supervision of Mr.G.C. Georgiou, Senior Statistics Officer, head of the Industrial and Construction Statistics Section, assisted by Mr.Ang. Agathagelou, Principal Statistics Assistant.
Sincere thanks are extended to all firms and entrepreneurs for their co-operation and assistance in providing the necessary data for this inquiry. Also to the Institute of Technology for taking the initiative to develop and kindly undertake
the hosting of those pages in Cyprus Industry On Line.

Dr.E.I. Demetriades
Department of Statistics
and Research

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