The standard of film and slide developing and processing in Cyprus is high. Slide-processing for colour and black-and-white slides takes from 5 to 30 hours.

Processing and developing of colour and black-and-white prints takes from 30 minutes to one day. Fast processing, instant photo or video recording services are also provided by Photo Fast laboratories on the island. All International film brands are available in Cyprus and can be bought from photo studios, stalls, Duty-Free Shops, etc.

For photographic equipment, and further information on Photographers one may consult the yellow pages of the Cyprus Telephone Directory.


Flight information can be obtained by contacting directly the Airline Offices (please see "Airlines"), during office hours or at the relevant offices at Larnaka and Pafos International Airports.
The Cyprus Tourism Organisation operates Information Offices at both Larnaka and Pafos International Airports, the personnel of which can give information on Times of Arrivals and Departures. For any further flight information (on reservations, connections, bookings etc.), visitors are requested to contact the Airline Offices.


London           4 Hours 30 Min
Paris 3 Hours 30 Min
Vienna 3 Hours
Zurich 3 Hours
Frankfurt 3 Hours 30 Min
Athens 1 Hours 40 Min
Amsterdam 3 Hours 30 Min
Stockholm 5 Hours
Bahrain 3 Hours


Flower shops are found all over Cyprus and provide:
- fresh flowers for every occasion
- flower and dry arrangements
- bouquets
- plants
- various decoration arrangements
- night services are also provided by some florists.
Representatives of Interflora and Teleflora in Cyprus provide facilities for those who wish to send flowers to friends abroad. Assistance for sending flowers abroad through Interflora and Teleflora is also given by nearly all other florists on the island.

INTERFLORA AND TELEFLORA AGENTS IN CYPRUS - Georgina Flower Boutique Ltd., (Teleflora): Leoforos Severi 15, Lefkosia
Tel: (02) 454242
- Elysee, Flower Shops (Interflora): Leoforos Archiepiskopou Makariou III 32, Lefkosia, Tel: (02) 443175
- Hawaii, Flower shop (Interflora):

  1. Leoforos Omirou 19A, Lefkosia Tel: (02) 476667
  2. Leoforos Arch. Makariou III, 142A, Lemesos Tel: (05) 381304
- Elgia Flower Shops, Leoforos Arch. Makariou III, 141, Lemesos Tel: (05)382053
- Oasis Flower Shop (Interflora): Odos F. Zannetou 11A, Larnaka Tel: (04) 654777
Florists can be traced through the yellow pages of the Cyprus Telephone Directory


Gourmets will particularly appreciate what Cyprus has to offer, as Cyprus cuisine consists of dishes very rich in taste, and unique in specialities.
Within the very large range of the Cyprus cuisine, three favourites are:
- "Meze", a rich collection of more than 20 different appetizers and savouries.
- "tava", a lamb stew with plenty of onions and tomatoes,
- "stifado", a stew of beef or hare, cooked with wine, vinegar, onion and spices.
Cyprus wines, famous in antiquity and throughout the Middle Ages, are more than maintaining their tradition by becoming increasingly competitive in the International market. The quality of Cyprus table-wines ranks with the best in the world and the great variety provides a match for every kind of food and every palate.
Approximate costs for a bottle of Cyprus wine of 0,75 litre: from CY1,00 - CY3.00.


Attracting foreign capital has always been one of the primary objectives of the country's development policy. The Central Bank will approve a foreign investment proposal provided it contributes towards the introduction of high technology, better management in marketing methods as well as towards the improvement of export prospects for Cypriot products or enrichment of the tourist product.

Non-residents wishing to acquire any share or participation in a Cypriot legal entity must obtain a permit from the Central Bank, under the provisions of the Exchange Control Law. The application to the Central Bank must contain the requisite information i.e. share capital, economic activities, financial requirements etc. and a copy of the company's Memorandum and Articles of Association. The foreign investor is also required to submit satisfactory bank references from his own bankers abroad.

Applications concerning direct investments are considered by the Central Bank in consultation with the appropriate government department(s). Normally, the administrative procedure is completed within 30 days by which time the applicant receives an official reply. Once the foreign investor has obtained the approval of the Central Bank, he is free to proceed with the implementation of his project. Permission for the repatriation of capital or capital appreciation, profits, dividends and interest arising from a foreign investment in Cyprus is freely granted. There is no prescribed maximum percentage of profits that may be repatriated each year, or minimum period before which the foreign investor may dispose of his equity.

Foreign investors may avail themselves of ready sites in industrial estates, training schemes for their labour force and other facilities offered by the authorities at low costs. Of particular relevance to foreign investors are: Cyprus' Customs Union with the EEC, favourable treatment under the Generalized System of Preferences, and excellent relations with the region, all of which enhance export prospects. The general advantages offered by Cyprus are enhanced by considerable tax and other incentives enjoyed by resident and non- resident investors alike. These include low corporate tax with a maximum of only 25 percent, significant initial investment and annual depreciation allowances, special incentives for industries operating in the Industrial Free Zone etc.

The acquisition by foreign investors of equity in Cypriot enterprises which carry on activities onshore exceeded US$ 100 million in the years 1989-1993. For further information please apply to the:
P.O.Box 5529 Nicosia-Cyprus
Tel: (02) 445281
Telexes: 2424, 2228
SWIFT address CBCYCY2N, Fax: (02) 472012

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