In Cyprus there are Municipal Libraries and Libraries belonging to private institutions. All are open to the public only for reading and local research.


  1. Ministry of Education - Library
    Odos Konstantinou Palaiologou,
    Lefkosia, Tel: (02) 303180
  2. Severeios Library,
    Plateia Arch. Kyprianou,
    Lefkosia, Tel: (02) 462888
  3. Archiepiskopou Makariou III Cultural Centre Library, (within the Archbishopric premises), Lefkosia,
    Tel: (02) 456781
  4. The Lefkosia Municipal Art Centre - Library
    Odos Apostolou Varnava 19
    P.O.Box 1015 Lefkosia, Tel: (02) 447310
  5. Research Centre of the Holy Monastery of Kykkos - Archangelos Micha•l Monastery, Lefkosia,
    Tel: (02) 370002
  6. Achilleios Library
    Odos Konstantinou Palaiologou 30, Lefkosia, Tel: (02) 473033
  7. Larnaka Municipal Library
    Odos Stadiou & Odos Gr. Afxentiou, Larnaka, Tel: (04) 654185
  8. Lemesos (Limassol) Municipal Library
    Odos Agiou Andreou & Odos Karaiskaki, Lemesos (Limassol), Tel: (05) 362155
  9. Pafos Municipal Library
    Plateia 28 Oktovriou, Pafos,
    Tel: (06) 233847
  10. Kykkos Monastery - Library
    Kykkos, Tel: (02) 942435
    Foreign Cultural Centres and Libraries
  11. American Center
    Leoforos Omirou 33B, Lefkosia
    Tel: (02) 473145
  12. British Council
    Odos Mouseiou 3, Lefkosia,
    Tel: (02)442152
  13. Centre Culturel Francais
    Odos Z. Moreas 5, Lefkosia
    Tel: (02) 317771
  14. Goethe Institut-German Cultural Centre
    Odos Markou Drakou, 21
    Lefkosia, Tel: (02) 462608
  15. Russian Cultural Centre
    Odos Alasias 16, Lefkosia
    Tel: (02) 441607

The above cultural centres possess a very rich collection of books and periodicals for reference.


L.P.G. Gas in Cyprus is available in 10 kgm portable cylinders, which can be bought from Petrol Stations, grocery shops and supermarkets. Mini gas cylinders of 250 grams are also on sale. L.P.G. gas is widely used for cooking and heating as it is considerably cheaper than electricity. Gas cylinders can be used at camping sites.
One 10 kgm L.P.G. gas cylinder costs: CY3,85 (CY2,00 for deposit, plus CY1,85 for the gas).
- There are no special stations for refilling gas cylinders.
- The use of L.P.G. gas in motor vehicles is strictly forbidden.

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