The recently-established Athalasa Park is so far the only "National" Park-land in the Island.
However, the unspoilt areas of Akamas peninsula and Stavros tis Psokas both at Pafos may shortly be designated National Parks.
Certain forest areas have been designated National Forest Parks and Nature Reserves, for the protection of wildlife.


The various nautical clubs in Cyprus with the exception of the Lefkosia nautical club are responsible for all sports and competitions concerning sea sports, such as swimming, sailing etc.
Nicosia Nautical Club
P.O.Box 4516, Lefkosia
Tel: c/o (02) 481474

Nicosia Sailing Club,
P.O.Box 2423, Lefkosia,
Tel: c/o (02) 305030/494454, Fax: (02) 494953

Limassol Nautical Club,
Old Lemesos (Limassol) - Lefkosia Rd, Lemesos (Limassol)
Tel: (05) 324282
Larnaka Nautical Club,
Larnaka - Dekeleia Rd, Larnaka,
Tel: (04) 623399

Pafos Nautical Club
Municipal Plage, Pafos,
Tel: (06) 233745, 244104

After the military occupation by the Turkish invasion forces in 1974, of Ammochostos and Kyreneia towns, the Nautical Clubs of these towns were transferred to Lemesos (Limassol).

Famagusta Nautical Club
P.O.Box 4390, Old Lemesos (Limassol) - Lefkosia Rd., Lemesos (Limassol), Tel: (05) 324056, 324057.

Kyrenia Nautical Club
Old Lemesos (Limassol)-Lefkosia Rd., Lemesos (Limassol), Tel: (05) 322414

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