Youth Hostels in Cyprus are open to members of the International Youth Hostels Association. Non-members are also accepted but on arrival at the Hostel they will be provided with a guest card. Persons wishing to become members of the Association may apply to the Nicosia Youth Hostel.

The Hostels are open all year round. All Youth Hostels offer kitchen facilities.

Odos I. Hadjidaki 5, Off Odou Themistokli Dervi (700 metres from Plateia Eleftherias) Tel: (02) 444808 or 442027
Odos Nikolaou Rossou 27,near Agios Lazaros Church, (50 metres from the beach) Tel: (04) 621188
Leoforos Eleftheriou Venizelou, 37 Tel: (06) 232588
Agia Napa:
Odos Dionysiou Solomou 23, (next to the main Post Office and 100 m from the Monastery square) Tel: c/o (02) 442027 or (03) 723113.
Troodos Mountains:
At about 400 metres from the centre of Troodos Hill Resort on the Troodos-Kakopetria road. Tel: (05) 422400
The Hostel is open from April to October (weather permitting). Further information on Youth Hostels may be obtained from: The Cyprus Youth Hostel Association
P.O.Box 1328 Lefkosia-Cyprus or
Mr. Poly Monti, Secretary General of the Association Odos Th. Theodotou 34, Flat 22
Tel: (02) 442027
Fax: (02) 442896, Lefkosia-Cyprus.
Rest House -Stavros tis Psokas Forest Station
The rest House is situated at Stavros tis Psokas Forest Station at an altitude of 950 metres amidst the Pafos Pine forest near the moufflon reserve and not far from the famous Cedar valley.
Tel: (06) 722338 or 332144.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that reservations for the rest house should be made well in advance, in order to avoid any incovenience.

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