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ala's             cotton tablecloth of woven checked material with 
                  coloured stripes at the narrow ends.

alatzia'          striped or checked cotton textile. Turkish alaca.

a'lia             veil of diaphanous silk tissue. Turkish ala.

cholla'           black pigment from oil smoke, used as a cosmetic around
                  the eyes. Arabic kuhl.

di'mito           dimity, strong cotton textile woven with four heddles.

doudou'nia        tiny filigree spheres from a chest ornament.

douple'tti        cape from a wide white cotton skirt, folded double, worn
                  in the Karpasia region. Italian dobletto.

fane'lla          man's vest. Italian flanella.

fkio'ro           flower. Italian fiore.

flo'kkos          tassel. Italian flocco.

fou'li            blossom, lace in floral design. Turkish fulya.

fousta'ni         dress. Italian fustagno, derived from the suburb of Cairo,

fouta's           rectangle of material folded diagonally and tied in front.
                  Turkish futa.

frangopodi'nes    boots worn by men in the towns; "Frankish" i.e. Euro-
                  pean .

fydkio'tiko       polychrome loom-embroidery characteristic of the village
                  of Fyti in the Paphos district.

gata'nin          multi-coloured fringe. Latin gaitanum.

itare's           1) fine cotton yarn, purchased.
                  2) silk-cotton fabric with warp of itare. Turkish idare.

kamarou'din       1) small arch; 2)crochet lace in arched design.

kamili'n          1) camel colour; 2)unbleached cotton yarn.

kapa's            man's woollen cape or cloak. Turkish kaba.

karfi'tsa         pin; ornament for the kerchief or chest.

kertane's         necklace. Turkish gerdane.

kkeme'ri          man's belt with concealed purse. Turkish kemer.

koilanio'tiko     woman's silk kerchief tie-dyed with plant colorants; from
                  the village of Koilani.

koukkou'moma      decorative smocked frill around the hem of the woman's
                  chemise. Latin cucuma.

kourou'kla        fine cotton, white or coloured kerchief with stamped de-
                  sign. Turkish kuyruklu.

kouroukli'n       man's headdress with kouroukla. Turkish kuyruklu.

ko'xa             waist. Latin coxa.

kraseti'n         deep red colour, like wine (bordeaux).

kro'ssia          fringe.

lapithkio'tiki    crochet lace made in the town of Lapithos.

lo'xes            gores set into the side of the saya for width.

malli'na          lamb's wool shawl.

mana'ssa          display of the dowry in the bride's home on her wedding
                  day; a custom observed in the Karpasia region (see
                  Athanasios A. Sakellariou, Ta Kypriaka vol. I, p. 726). 
                  Old French maisnage.

mandila'ris       craftsman who makes the stamped kerchiefs (see A.
                  Pieridou, "Pasmatzides kai mandilarides stin Kypro", 
		  Kypriaki Laiki Techni Nicosia 1980, pp. 132-139). 
                  Latin mantelium.

mandi'li          kerchief, worn on the head. Latin mantelium.

manike'tta        cuffs. Italian manichetto.

mirmi'din         chest ornament. Fine gold embroidery thread.

mo'stra           ribbon for decorating the festival headdress. Italian

mou'stra          coloured decorative stripe at the edges of textiles. 
                  Italian mostra.

pa'nna            a piece of cloth fastened at the waist with buckles, 
                  part of the festival dress in the mountainous districts. 
                  See foutas. Latin pannus.

pasma's           stamped material, Cypriot or purchased. Turkish basma.

pefkota'          dense polychrome loom-embroidery.

peri'kos          man's festival jacket, worn in the Karpasia region.

pertikopa'nnin    black and white checked cloth used for catching par-

pezounou'dkia     1) little doves; 2) ornament. French pigeon.

pipi'lla          crochet lace. Turkish birbiri.

podi'nes          man's boots.

poma'niko         triangular inset of material giving width to the underarm
                  of the sleeve. Latin manica.

poti'nia          woman's short boots. French bottine.

pou'kles          buckle. French boucle.

pparaou'dkia      tiny coins. Turkish para.

ppou'lia          sequins used in embroidery. Turkish pul.

sam alatzia'      striped silk fabric brought from Syria. Turkish sam alaca.

sa'rka            woman's short, fitted sleeved jacket. French serge.

sattakrou'ta      stiff, raw-silk fabric. Italian seta cruda.

saya'             woman's sleeved over-garment.

schi'stres        side slits in the saya.

skale'tta         necklace. Italian scaletta.

ska'rpes          leather slippers. Italian scarpa.

ske'pi            scarlet kerchief which covered the bride's head during 
                  the wedding ceremony.

sklavou'niko      short jacket worn by men in the towns.

skou'fa           inner headscarf; name used in the Mesaoria. Italian suffia.

skou'foma         inner headscarf. Latin scuffia.

spli'ntzes        pins; ornaments for the head or chest. Provencal espingla.

stavroti'         man's short cross-over jacket worn with the festival

syriane's         bridegroom's leather slippers with, bow; brought from

taista'           silk or silk-cotton textile with puckered stripes along the

trachilia'        decorative dickey of a woman's chemise or frock to 
                  facilitate breast-feeding.

trave'rsa         gore with tucks on the man's shirt. French travers.

trifoure'no       filigree work on jewellery. Turkish fagfur.

tsembe'ri         woollen kerchief with fringing. Turkish cember.

tsiofa's          felt. Turkish cuha.

ttalapoulou'zi    man's colourful silk sash from Tripoli. Turkish Tarabuluz.

tte'lia           metal wires. Turkish tel.

ttellou'rka       twisted metal thread for embroidery. Turkish tel.

tzipo'di          shepherd's crook with metal hook.

vou'rka           shepherd's goatskin bag. Latin bulga.

vra'ka            man's densely pleated baggy trousers. Latin bracae.

vroullia'         braids, vroulon.

yakkali'n         woman's woollen mantle with small standing collar.
                  Turkish yaka.

yasemou'din       'little jasmine', the name of a type of crochet lace in the
                  form of a jasmine flower. Turkish yasemin.

yile'kko          man's sleeveless jacket or waiscoat. Spanish jileco, 
                  Turkish yelek.

yilekkozi'bouna   waistcoat and sleeved jacket worn together.

zarvourkano'      woman's mantle of ready-made woollen cloth.

zibou'na          man's short sleeved jacket. Provencal jupoun.

zo'ma             zonSri; woman's sash of a dark kerchief, worn with the
                  chemise during the summer months.

zoni'n            zonari; woman's sash of a kerchief with twig pattern and
                  fringing, worn in Karpasia.