According to the constitution of 1960, education was offered separately in Greek and Turkish schools for the Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots respectively, and be inspected by the two communities.

Education is mandatory up to age of twelve(12). The primary school lasts for six(6) years and concerning the secondary education, is divided into two parts: Gymnasium for three years, and Lyceum for another three years. These six years of secondary education are common called as high school education. Therefore for a Cypriot citizen, education is mandatory up to the end of the gymnasium,i.e the total mandatory education lasts for nine(9) academic years. Also, you can prefer to go to a technical school(these can be found in all the major cities and are pretty well organized) as soon as you finish the primary education, instead of going to a gymnasium. You can also do that when you finish gymnasium education, instead of continuing your studies in a Lyceum.

Now concerning Higher education, there are two State Institutions and plenty of private colleges. The two State Higher Institutions are:

  1. Higher Technical Institute. It is located in the capital of the island, Nicosia, and studies in there last for three(3) years. It was established in 1968 by UNESCO, UNDP, I.L.O, and the Government of Cyprus, with major purpose to offer Cyprus industry well-trained Technicians Engineers. The majors available for studies are: Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. Teaching language is English.

  2. Higher Hotel Institute. It was established in 1969 as a joint project of the Government of Cyprus , the United Nations Development programme and the International Labor office offers training courses in Cookery and Pastry, Waiting, Front Office and Housekeeping, as well as upgrading courses for personnel in the Hotel and Catering industry.

As I mentioned before, there are a lot of private colleges that offer higher education. In these colleges you will find several majors available for studies. You can study there for two years and get an Associate degree, or for four years and get a Bachelors degree, or even continue for your Master degree. For more information on these colleges you can visit their home pages:

The only State Institution that offers Highest Education is the University of Cyprus
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