Cooking for friends !!


The effects of the numerous conquerors of Cyprus and the very Greek passion of the Cypriots for traveling all over the world have left their traits on the basically Greek character of Cypriot cooking and confectionery.
Since ancient times, Cyprus has also renowned for its excellent wines, especially Commandaria.
A visitor to Cyprus is always welcome to enjoy our juicy fruit, wholesome cheeses - such as Hallumi - as well as many other local culinary delights.


How to try a recipe correctly:

Read it thoroughly.

Collect all the ingredients.

Collect all the utensils and cookware to be used.

Measure the ingredients accurately. The success of cooking, especially for sweets, depends on correct measuring.

If the oven is to be used, preheat it.

Each oven is different. It is therefore important for everybody to recognize if a cake or a dish is ready from its appearance rather than to depend entirely on the time given in each recipe.

Consult the manufacturers instructions regarding oven temperatures required for different dishes.

The time given in each recipe is based on the meat available in Cyprus which is not tender. Consequently, base the time on your home meat.

Cypriots eat a lot. As a result, in a lot of cases you may feel happy by using half the recipe.


  • Fillo: tissue-thin pastry.

  • Kataifi: thread-shape pastry.

  • Rocket: a salad herb. It has a strong but delicious watercress type taste.

  • Taro: grown mostly for its fleshy underground corms and tubers which are rich in starch and protein.

  • Feta: a semisoft, white flaky cheese that is made from the milk of sheep or goats

  • Halloumi: a cheese often used in cooking. It is soft and rubbery when fresh, hard and salty when matured.

  • Kefalotyri: a cheese which is often pressed into a skull shape, hence its name which means head cheese . It is good for grating.

  • Flaouna cheese: a special cheese used for Flaounes (Easter Cheese Pies)

  • Anari: a white, soft cheese. It is used salted or unsalted.

  • Appetizers

  • Main Dishes

  • Deserts

  • From the book Cooking for Friends, by Sandra Lysandrou