Addressing by the Cyprus Tourism Organization


Visitors have found Cyprus irresistible for 9000 years, including such notables as Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Saint Paul, King Richard the Lion-Heart and Leonardo da Vinci. These days, our rapidly expanding non-stop air service and luxury hotels give American, Canadian, Asian and European Visotors their own reasons to see our spectacular Neolithic settlements, Greek temples and Roman theaters, restored Crusader castles, Venetian fortresses and early Christian monasteries. Nine of our Byzantine churches, plus the town of Paphos, have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Plus, our compact island is diverse; for example, you can enjoy pine-clad mountains and, less than hour away, the beaches of the Mediterranean. And savor a local cuisine that combines the best of the Mediterranean with our renowned Cypriot wines. Cyprus is also the airline and cruise line hub of the region. Within easy reach of Greece, Israel, Egypt and Jordan, Cyprus can be enjoyed as part of an appealing multi-destination vacation. With traditional Cypriot hospitality, we look forward to welcoming you to Cyprus soon.