Turkish Colonization

A threat for Cyprus and its people

The demographic character of the Cypriot territory which is under the control of Turkish troops since ths summer of 1974 has undergone a radical change through the importation of thousands of Anatolian settlers.
Occupation, colonization and the eradication of the indigenous Greek population are all part and parcel of Turkey's long-standing policy to assimilate and annex the occupied terriroty of Cyprus. The multitude of settlers who flooded occupied Cyprus have also created an intorelable situation for the Turkish Cypriots, a considerable number of whom, have been forced to emigrate.


"In the place of our people who flee abroad to earn their living, people come from Turkey under the name of 'labour force'. This labour force is turned into a vore force for conservative, chauvinist directed politicians...We are faced with the danger of becoming a minority in northern Cyprus..foreigners in our own homeland"
Ozker Ozgur, leader of Turkish (Cypriot) Republican Party, in Turkish Gunaydin 1.7-14.1986

Hellenic Chronicle

"...The 'colonization' policy of Ankara, which brings mainland Turkish nationals to Cyprus, has been an open secret for many months -and, in fact, was confirmed to me in a recent exchange of correspondence with the foreign minister of Turkey. According to some reports more than 40,000 Turkish nationals have moved to Cyprus so far...the colonization policy continues - as does the expulsion of Cypriot Greeks from their homes and lands in the occupied area."
U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy, in
' "Tilt" toward Turkey continues',
"Hellenic Chronicle", (U.S.A.), 9.9.1976

Berliner Extra Dienst

"...These settlers ... will be used ... in the long term changes in the demographic composition of the island against Greek Cypriots. [...] This tendency for settlement belies the pretext that the 1974 "peace-operation" had as its aim the interests of the Turkish Cypriot community"
"Berliner Extra Dienst", 8.5.1977

Der Spiegel

"...The settlers from Anatolia took most of the houses left behind by the Greeks, as well as fields and machinery. This caused resentment on the part of the Turks who came from the south [Turkish Cypriots] and who felt they had been wronged in the sharing of Greek loot..." "Der Spiegel", 7.17.1978

The Spectator

"In spite of past hatreds, many Turkish Cypriots say they regret the exodus of the Greeks and even that they feel more affinity with these fellow Cypriots than they do with the mainland Turks, especially the Anatolians. We call them A.A. for 'Anatolian Apes' said one local sophisticate. The mainlanders are accused of boorishness, arrogance, looting and not going away.." "The Spectator", 9.16.1978

New Statesman

"The Turkish fascists are increasing their implantation in Cyprus. A front organization called "Turk Ocagi Dernegi" has been set up with support mainly culled from the 50,000 mainland Turks imported into Cyprus since 1974. One Turkish Cypriot magazine has published maps purporting to show the locations of training camps in Turkish occupied Cyprus for units of Grey Wolves, the National Action Party's killer squads. Turkish Cypriot journalists I met were worried that the murderous violence from mainland Turkey -800 deaths so far in 1978- will soon arrive in Cyprus.
Denis Macshane in "New Statesman", 12. 22-29.1978


"...Turkish Cypriots ...believe that more than 100,000 mainland Turks have already moved into previously Greek-Cypriot houses..."
'Trick conceals flood of Turks to Cyprus' in "NRC-Handelsblad" (Netherlands), 7.4.1979

The Guardian

"They invaded in two separate waves. They camped along the Attila Line, holding 36 per cent of Cyprus. They have not budged since. Worse, they have relentlessly filled northern Cyprus with mainland immigrants, squeezing all but a handfull of Greeks from their territory.
...Who can woder...that the Greeks fear not merely permanent division along the Attila Line but, at some suitable future moment with some suitable future excuse, a further Turkish push to swallow all of Cyprus? Will world opinion be any more help then that it is now?..." 'Words won't shift Turkey' in "The Guardian", 8.30.1979

La Croix

"...These settlers were given land and properties belonging to Greek Cypriots, chased away in the south... In a few days they [settlers] were allocated Cypriot nationality [sic] so that they could vote during the elections in favour of Denktash's administration and their behavious, rapes, thefts, and dealing with drugs were overlooked.
...The colonization by the continental Turks, is denounced by the Turkish Cypriots themselves who suffer from its consequences."
"La Croix", 7.11.1980

Noticiero Universal

"From the 200,000 refugees -nearly one-third of the total population- around 18,500 remained enclaved in the Turkish region and were under sustained pressure to abandon their homes. Thus in their place 50,000 Turkish settlers from Anatolia have been accommodated, who altered the demographic character of the occupied territories, and obtained title of "permanent" ownership of these properties..."
Nati Gutierrez, 'A slow agony scourges the "Island of Love" ' in "Noticiero Universal", 1.17.85

Foreign Press Articles

Destruction of Cultural Heritage

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