An Overview of Turkey's Aims in Cyprus

Large-scale and systematic violations of human rights by States can only be the consequence of deliberately designed State policies. This is particularly true of Turkey's human rights violations in Cyprus where Turkey has, and for more than 30 years has had, clear long-term policy goals:

  1. to secure a military foothold in Cyprus;
  2. to expand this foothold by seizing up to 38% of the island;
  3. to Turkify the occupied part so far as possible by driving out all Greek Cypriots and settling the area with Anatolian settlers and Turkish Cypriots transferred from the free area;
  4. to install a puppet regime under Turkish direction;
  5. economically to integrate the occupied area with Turkey's economy;
  6. to keep a large Turkish Army permanently stationed on Cyprus (claimed by her to be essential for Turkish 'security');
  7. to recover Turkey's power- as under the Ottoman Empire - to decide the island's fate;
  8. to seize the portion of Cyprus that she has not as yet occupied.

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