Perez de Cuellar's final report

On 19 December 1991 former U.N. Secretary-General Mr. Perez de Cuellar submitted his final report on Cyprus to the Security Council. He observed that the resolutions adopted unanimously by the Security Council during the last two years as well as the seven Presidential statements provide a clear basis for completing the work on an overall framework agreement and give clear guidance to the Secretary-General on how to proceed. The Secretary-General also presented the "set of ideas" on a Cyprus settlement as they had evolved through the U.N. mediation effort. Although for a significant number of issues "the ideas should make it possible for the two sides to reach agreement," he observed that little progress had been achieved on either the right of refugees to return to their homes or the amount of territory under a federal structure that would be under Turkish Cypriot administration. The Secretary-General concluded that he was disappointed that the Cyprus problem, with which he had been personally involved since 1975, has not been resolved yet. He was, however, "heartened by the fact that the Security Council, despite the passage of time, remains determined that a just and lasting solution should be achieved on Cyprus. There is indeed ample proof that the status quo in Cyprus is not an option and that the disturbing current situation must be solved". He further stressed that it was vital that the set of ideas that emerged from the talks which his representatives had in Ankara in August 1991 be preserved and completed and that it was essential that all parties focused their attention on establishing a federal republic. "A solution is within reach if all concerned are willing to make their contribution to a compromise solution that will safeguard the legitimate interests and concerns of both communities", the SecretaryGeneral concluded.
On 23 December 1991, the Security Council through a statement by its President unanimously endorsed the Secretary-General's belief that "a solution of the Cyprus problem is long overdue" and that "the mere maintenance of the status quo does not constitute a solution." The Council requested the new U.N. Secretary-General to report back by April 1992 on "whether sufficient progress has been made to convene the highlevel international meeting and, should conditions not be ripe, to convey to the Council the set of ideas as they will have evolved by that time with his assessment of the situation".


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