More Turkish Intransigence

The intransigent position of the Turkish side continued and was further exacerbated by the signing on 13 June 1991, of an agreement between Turkey and the Denktash regime for the abolition of passport requirements between Turkey and the occupied part of Cyprus. Furthermore, in March 1991 the illegal regime, with the full encouragement and support of Turkey, submitted an application for full membership to the Organization of the Islamic Conference for consideration during the Ministerial Meeting of that Organisation in early August. Both actions, were contrary to Security Council Resolution 649 (1990) and obviously undermined the Secretary-General's efforts. In his oral report to the Security Council on his mission of good offices dated 27 June 1991, the UN Secretary-General informed the Council that he continued his informal discussions with the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkish officials by focusing on the issues that remained to be dealt with, in particular those of territory and displaced persons, pointing out however, that "these discussions did not contribute to bringing the two sides closer on these issues". The Secretary-General also stated that he would be "attracted by the idea of convening a high-level international meeting if it could result in the achievement of an agreed outline", underlining that the preparatory arrangements and format of such a meeting would be crucial. The Secretary-General stressed that "progress is urgently necessary on the issues of territorial adjustments and displaced persons. As the members of the Council will recall, the main questions arising from these issues concern the area that will come under Greek Cypriot administration that would enable a substantial number of Greek Cypriot displaced persons to return to that area and the number of Greek Cypriots who may reside in the area to be administered by the Turkish Cypriot community. These two issues will have to be brought within agreement range before a high-level meeting takes place".


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