Security Council's direct involvement in U.N. initiative

The report of the Secretary-General on his mission of good offices in Cyprus submitted to the Security Council on 3 April 1992 and the subsequent resolution 750/92 adopted by the Security Council are the product of the Secretary-General's determination to reach a negotiated settlement in Cyprus. The Secretary-General conveyed with the report, as requested by the Council, a "set of ideas" as they had evolved up to that point (even though conditions for an international high-level meeting were not ripe). The "ideas" included in the 3 April report did not, therefore, form a complete blueprint for a framework agreement.
The "set of ideas" contains both positive and negative elements, the then President Vassiliou said on 15 April and he explained that they were only presented as a basis for negotiation. Any new constitutional arrangement would ensure the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all Cypriots, rights and freedoms which would be reinforced by Cyprus' accession to the European Community, he concluded. After considering the report of the Secretary-General, the Security Council approved Resolution 750 (1992) on 10 April, 1992. The Security Council endorsed the "ideas" described in paras. 17-25 and 27 of the Secretary-General "as an appropriate basis for reaching an overall framework agreement, subject to the work that needs to be done on the outstanding issues, in particular on territorial adjustments and displaced persons, being brought to a conclusion as an integrated package mutually agreed upon by both communities." The Greek Cypriot side saw this as having a potentially positive influence in encouraging all parties to cooperate with the Secretary-General in filling the existing gaps in a manner consistent with the U.N. Charter and customary international law and in accordance with mandatory U.N. resolutions. The other main provisions of Security Council Resolution 750 (1992) are that it:

The affirmations in Security Council Resolution 750 (1992) that any settlement must safeguard Cyprus' independence and territorial integrity and must be based on a state of Cyprus with a single sovereignty were welcomed by the Cyprus Government as "categorical provisions forming the cornerstone for a just and viable future settlement".


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