The Democratic Party

The Democratic Party: Founded on 12 May 1976 on the basis of a declaration of Political Aims issued by its President Spyros Kyprianou who held the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs for twelve years, in the Archbishop Makarios government. The party, which aims to fill the centre of the political stage, is committed to the establishment of a democratic state where equality, justice and democratic institutions prevail under the rule of law. Spyros Kyprianou succeeded Archbishop Makarios as President of the Republic on his death in 1977 and was returned with 56.5% of the vote in the 1983 Presidential election. He received 27.2% of votes in the 1988 Presidential election. In the 1991 House of Representatives elections DIKO won 19.5% of the vote and 11 seats, making it the third largest party.

LEADER: Spyros Kyprianou

Born in Limassol on 28 October 1932.

Studied economics and commerce at the City of London College and Law at Grays Inn.

He was called to the Bar at Grays Inn in 1954.

1960-1972 Minister of Justice, then Foreign Affairs Minister.

1976 - Announces the establishment of Democratic Party. After September elections, he became president of House of Representatives.

1977 - After death of Archbishop Makarios unanimously elected President.

1978-88 President of the Republic - elected in the 1978 (unanimously) and 1983 presidential elections.

Married with two children.

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