Excite for Web Servers

Plug-and-Play Text Searching for Web Servers

Click here to retrieve the latest installation files., if you obtained this software from somewhere other than http://www.excite.com/navigate.

Excite, Inc.'s state-of-the-art text searching and browsing software is now available as a turn-key solution to allow full-text searching of the information on your Web server. Excite for Web Servers makes it easy for your users to find the information they want. Key features include:

Plug-and-play installation takes minutes. No programs or scripts to write. No knowledge base or thesaurus to create or maintain. No thick manuals to read.

Concept-based searching retrieves relevant documents whether or not they contain the key-words in your query.

Browsing, not just searching:

Simple to use: Type in a few words describing what you want to find and press the Search button.