About Excite for Web Servers

Excite for Web Servers brings Excite, Inc.'s second generation media navigation tools to Internet Web Servers turn-key, "plug-and-play" package that offers easy installation and requires no programming. Key features include:

Concept-Based Text Searching

Excite for Web Servers enables users to search for information by concept rather than by key-word. For example, an attorney investigating the latest developments on "intellectual property rights" can retrieve information on software piracy and copyright law even if the relevant documents contain none of the key-words in the query. This means that users can easily find the documents that interest them even if they don't know the exact key-words necessary to describe their search to a traditional information retrieval system. Excite for Web Servers's concept-based searching engine is able to determine related concepts from document collections, eliminating the need for an external, manually-defined representation of knowledge (such as a large and un-maintainable thesaurus or "knowledge base").

Interactive Browsing

Excite for Web Servers offers capabilities that go beyond the scope of traditional information retrieval tools. Most text search companies focus on a very narrow problem: finding information for users who (1) know exactly what they are looking for, and (2) know the right key-words to describe their interest. An example of this kind of situation is a user who would like to locate an analyst report about a particular company in which he's considering investing. Like first generation text search engines, Excite for Web Servers addresses this need.

At other times, however, this same user may want to "look for interesting investment ideas." He wants to browse the available information. This is where Excite, Inc. is so different from the earlier tools. Excite, Inc. offers not only the best retrieval tools, but also a suite of interactive browsing tools that can help users navigate unfamiliar collections of information. Browsing features include: