Since the beginning of the century, Greek folklorists have been unanimously agreed on the urgent need for recording local costumes, yet this task has never been undertaken systematically. Thus invaluable information has been lost, rendering research in the field at worst impossible, at best arduous in the extreme. However, from time to time, enlightened amateurs and scholars have appeared who, through their persistence and despite material and technical limitations, have managed to collect data and so make a significant contribution to the study of Greek costumes. One such luminary is Dr Eleni Papadimitriou.

As assistant and later keeper in the Cyprus Folk Art Museum, of the Society of Cypriot Studies in Nicosia, Dr Papadimitriou has methodically and passionately collected precious material on weaving and dress in Cyprus.

In this book, sponsored by the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation for the Cyprus Folk Art Museum, Dr Papadimitriou presents the costumes in the collection of that museum, which owes so much to the unique aesthetic acumen of Mr Adamantios Diamantis who arranged the exhibit in 1948.

Cypriot Costumes is a further volume in the PFF series of publications on the subject of Greek traditional dress.