Dining Out

Nicosia offers a wide range of restaurants, pubs, tavernas, clubs, and discos not to mention "bouzoukia", "local boites" and cabarets where you can dance the night away.

The island's many tavernas and night clubs are especially great places to combine good food with entertainment. Floor shows include singers and musicians performing classical and contemporary Greek music. "Bouzoukia" generally charge admission or a minimum fee for first drink.

A less expensive and more informal alternative to either tavernas or "Bouzoukia" are the "local boites". Here visitors can meet the locals, join in sing-alongs, and dance the night away in an unbeatable atmosphere of camaraderie and joviality.

A walk down to the old city at Chrysaliniotissa area, near Famagusta Gate, is highly recommended. This area abounds with cosy boites, cafes and music bars with a local color, promising a nice time.

Restaurants offering international cuisine including Chinese, Italian, French, Indian, and American are also in great abundance in the island's capital. Most of Nicosia's international restaurants afford their guests fine food and service and are well-appointed, elegant and romantic.

After enjoying dinner and drinks, visitors to Nicosia may want to mix and mingle at one of Nicosia's many discotheques. Most are located within easy walking distance of one another along Grivas Dighenis Avenue in Engomi suburb.

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