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Public Transport.

The bus and taxi services run an extensive network. The bus terminal is at Solomos Square, in the city center. Buses run to all destinations in the city and in the suburbs from 5.30 am to 6.15 pm, every half an hour. They are more frequent at peak periods.

Nicosia Municipality also runs the Yellow Buses with regular itineraries in the city center. The starting point is Solomos square. The service is free.

Country bus services are timed to bring villagers and their produce to market early in the morning, returning about midday when business is done.

Taxis are numerous and operate from the offices of their owners rather than from taxi ranks. They are best contacted by telephone if no taxi office is in your vicinity. When engaging a taxi for excursions in the country, special arrangements should be made with the taxi operator. The cost from Larnaca Airport to Nicosia is about CYP12.

Inexpensive scheduled taxi services operate regularly and frequently (every half an hour) between the main towns. The last taxi service leaves at 5.30 pm. Seats may be booked in advance. The services run on time, pick you up at your hotel or private address, and take you to your destination.

Information for Drivers.

Numerous firms specialize in self-drive car hire. Charges vary according to the size and make of car. The Survey of Cyprus Map, obtainable in a single sheet from booksellers, is adequate for general purposes.

Speed limits are: 50 Km/h  (30 m/h) in town

		  80 Km/h  (50 m/h) out of town

		 100 Km/h  (60 m/h) on motorways

The charge for use of public and private car parks in the city center is 40 cents per half day unless otherwise stated. Special arrangements can be made with attendants of private car parks for longer periods.

Useful Information


The Cyprus Pound (CYP) is divided into 100 cent.

Bank Notes: CYP1, CYP5, CYP10, CYP20.

Coins: 1 cent, 2 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent.

The exchange rates are currently (September 96):

Greek Drachma       517.62 

Sterling Pound        1.29

US Dollar             2.16

Deutsche Mark         3.28

Swedish Krone        14.35

Swiss Franc           2.76

French Franc         11.11 

Danish Krone         12.56

Austrian Schilling   23.03

Norwegian Krone      13.80

Finnish Mark          9.86

ECU                   1.70


Nicosia enjoys rather mild winters and hot summers with cool evenings after 6.00 pm.

Minimum and maximum temperatures are:

August:   21C min -  40C max

	  70F min - 104F max

February:  6C min -  16C max

	  43F min -  61F max

Bank Holidays.

Public Holidays.

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