I dont' forget, I Strive and  I Claim, Return to a Free Dhavlos Village

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Welcome to the small but beautiful village of DHAVLOS which is on the northern coast of Cyprus just below Kantara in the Ammohostos (Famagusta) district. It is a pity that today you cannot legally visit the for many years well known tourist resort, with its excellent sandy beaches and famous spa, because, since 1974, it is under Turkish occupation.

In a desperate attempt to counterfeit the Greek history of the area it was today given the false name of "Kaplica" which in the Turkish language means "thermal spring". The native and rightful inhabitants of the village remained enclaved in the village and under Turkish occupation until the 30th of June 1975, when the last 245 inhabitants of the village were forcibly expelled by the Turkish troops to the free part of Cyprus which is under the control of the legal Government of Cyprus. Today they live scattered in the free part of Cyprus or abroad. Many of them passed away without being able to see their village again and deprived of the right to be buried in the land where their ancestors were buried. For those who are alive and their descendants, the passion to return to their home land remains alive. Only when the rightful native inhabitants of Dhavlos return to their homes, the visitors of the village will enjoy the traditional Cypriot hospitality and the village will revive again.

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