Premium Service

1. On the 27.11.92 the creation of the Premium Service was approved through which one may register a company almost immediately.

Account Holders

2. Our Department has also introduced in the last 4 years “account holders service”. Our regular customers may open a credit account within the Department and they may request the approval of a name or the issue of certified copies or any other service through fax or the post and their account will be debited with the fees. This service saves our customers time waiting in line at the cashier or sending money by post if they are abroad or in another town.

EU Languages

3. In order to bring the Department closer to Europe all the documents of the companies together with the original texts in Greek, which is our official language, are accepted in any other EU official language together with an affidavit that these are true translations of the original text. Through this service Cypriot and foreign businessmen may request certified copies in all EU languages to use in their everyday transactions internationally.

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