Cyprus and the EU Cyprus and the European Union

Presidency Conclusions - Cardiff, June 15 and 16 1998

Council Conclusions on Enlargement

In July 1990 Cyprus submitted its appplication for membership to the European Union. According to the Commission's Opinion on the application, which was issued in mid 1993, Cyprus is eligible for accession to the Union and the adoption of the "acquis communautaire'' will pose no insurmountable problems.

The E.U. Council of Ministers in its meeting held on 6 March 1995, repeated the E.U's decision to include Cyprus in the next phase of the Union's enlargement and that accession talks will begin six months after the completion of the Intergornmental Conference in 1996.


Reconsideration of Cyprus's application for membership

The Council of Ministers, after re-examining Cyprus's applicatiion in line with its earlier decisions and the conclusions of the Corfu and Essen European Councils and after examining the report from the E.U. observer for Cyprus:

-reaffirms the suitability of Cyprus for accession to the European Union and confirms the European Union's will to incorporate Cyprus in the next stage of its enlargement,

-regrets the lack of progress in the intercommunal talks taking place under the auspices of the UN Secretary General and calls upon all parties to step up their efforts to achieve a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus question in accordance with UN security Council Resolutions, based on the concept of a bi-communal and bi-zonal Federation,

-considers that the developments noted in the last few months have enabled elements which could be useful for defining an agreement to be identified,

-considers that Cyprus's accession to the E.U. should bring increased security and prosperity to both communities on the island. In particular it should allow the North to catch up economically and should improve the outlook for growth and employment , particularly for the Turkish-Cypriot community. The Council considers that this community must perceive the advantages of E.U. accession more clearly and its concern at the prospect must be allayed. The Council calls upon the Commisiion to organize the requisite contacts to this end with the Turkish-Cypriot community, in consultation with the Government of Cyprus,

Under these circumstances, the Council considers that

-Cyprus's accession should benefit all communities and help to bring about civil peace and reconciliation,

-accession negotiations will start on the basis of Commission proposals six months after the conclusion of the 1996 Conference, taking account of the results of the Conference.

-It calls upon the Commission to continue its work of familiarizing the Cyprus administration with the acquis communautaire, which it began a year ago in time for the next meeting of the Association Council with Cyprus, it intends to adopt concrete proposals for a specific strategy in preparation for accession, including a structured dialogue, the precise details of which will be established in accordance with the Annex hereto.

-It confirms that the E.U. intends to continue to support with all means at its disposal the United Nations's efforts to achieve a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus question.


1. A structured dialogue on various matters and at various levels should be established between Cyprus and the E.U., involving:

(a) meetings in the margins of the European Council between Heads of State:

(b) meetings and talks at ministerial and other levels on CFSP matters (2nd pillar);

(c) meetings and talks at ministerial or other levels on justice and home affairs (3rd pillar);

(d) meetings and talks at ministerial or other levels (if necessary and as the need arises) on matters of common interest (e.g. environment, tourism, maritime affairs).

2. The political dialogue that already exists between Cyprus and E.U. on CFSP matters should be expanded to include-in addition to meetings at the highest level and at ministerial level- meetings and practices as followes:

(a) political directors,

(b) experts on matters such as human rights, disarmament, security, OSCE, planning, terrorism, UN etc,

(c) alignment on declarations by the Union,

(d) association with demarches by the Union and with joint actions,

(e) cooperation in international organisations and at international conferences,

(f) appointment of a Cypriot associated European correspondent,

(g) regular contacts between the E.U. and Cyprus's diplomatic missions in third countries.

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