The Cyprus Government welcomes
Mr. Holbrooke's appointment as special
US Presidential emissary for Cyprus

June 5, 1997

The Cyprus Government welcomes the appointment of Mr. Richard Holbrooke, the new US Presidential Emissary for Cyprus as a sign of American interest in solving the long-standing Cyprus problem.

Mr. Richard Holbrooke's appointment was officially announced yesterday, 4 June, by the State Department Spokesman Mr. Nicholas Burns.

Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides who is in Washington to meet with the US Secretary of State Mrs. Madeleine Albright on June 6, stated that "the appointment demonstrates the degree of the involvement of the US Government in the efforts that are about to begin to solve the Cyprus problem." The Foreign Minister noted that the appointment is indicative of the US special interest and that "it is sending a message to Turkey, that the USA means business."

Meanwhile, the Government Spokesman in Nicosia Mr. Manolis Christophides expressed satisfaction with Mr. Holbrooke's appointment and underlined that the Cyprus Government is looking forward to a just settlement of the problem that would be in conformity with declarations and universal principles that both the U.N. and the U.S.A have committed themselves to uphold.

* * * * *