President Clerides outlines basic elements
of Cyprus settlement

19 March, 1999

Addressing a gathering at Ayioi Trimithias village on 14 February, President Clerides also referred to the Cyprus problem as follows:

"Our aim must always be the finding of a just, viable and workable solution to the Cyprus problem through peaceful means.

The solution must comprise the following elements: the withdrawal of all Turkish occupation troops and settlers, the safeguarding of human rights, the reunification of the island and co-existence with our fellow countrymen the Turkish Cypriots in conditions of real security, permanent peace and prosperity in a country that is a member of the European Union.

It is expected that after the elections in Turkey, the international community will intensify its exploratory efforts to bring about the resumption of Cyprus settlement talks. The Greek Cypriot side has always been ready and willing to take part in a genuine and substantive dialogue and to demonstrate courage and flexibility. The Turkish Cypriot side on the other hand has created insurmountable problems with the negative stand it has adopted.

This state of affairs has been established by the international community on many occasions, even recently. Consequently, we call on the international community once again to exercise all the influence it can on the Turkish side and induce it to show a constructive spirit at last in accordance with the United Nations resolutions on Cyprus.

I wish to repeat, however, that we shall not accept unacceptable conditions laid down by the Turkish side for the resumption of the talks, namely confederation and recognition of the bogus state. For our aim is not to find just any solution, but a solution which will safeguard the future of the Greek Cypriots in their ancestral land, within the framework of a state whose basic characteristics are determined by the UN resolutions and which will be part of the European Union."

* * * * *