Statement by the Government Spokesman
on the Second Round of the
Cyprus Talks at Glion 11-15 August 1997

August 19, 1997

The Government Spokesman, Mr. Manolis Christofides, on 19 August said that the Greek Cypriot side had attended the talks in Montreux with goodwill and a spirit of co-operation.

Cyprus, which has suffered the tragic consequences of the Turkish invasion and occupation, more than anybody else, adopts the Security Council Resolutions on Cyprus which consider the present status quo as unacceptable and support a settlement based on a State of Cyprus with a single citizenship, with its independence and territorial integrity safeguarded and excluding union in whole or in part with any other country or any form of partition or secession, he said.

Cyprus also supports the Security Council position that a new constitutional arrangement should be established which will ensure the prosperity and security of the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities in a bi-comunal and bizonal federation.

The Security Council and the UN Secretary-General have repeatedly called on us to co-operate with the Secretary General and also with the various countries which support his mission of good offices so as to break the prolonged deadlock with sustained and direct talks. The Security Council and the Secretary General had stressed that the success of the talks in Troutbeck and Montreux depends on the cultivation of mutual trust and a climate of reconciliation and also on the need to refrain from actions which would or increase tension.

The Security Council, the Spokesman said, reaffirmed that the decision of the European Union to start accession talks with Cyprus was an important development which would facilitate the achievement of a comprehensive settlement.

The Greek Cypriot side's attitude was impeccable. It responded in a positive and creative manner to every aspect of the procedure both at Troutbeck and Montreux. All bona fide critics cannot but credit us with good faith and a spirit of co-operation, willingness and sincerity, he said.

Mr. Christofides said the latest document presented by the UN Secretary General's Special Adviser, Mr. Diego Cordovez, even though a non-paper, is an improvement on the previous documents. However, we were confronted with the most provocative intransigence we have eve rencountered from Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot leader, Mr. Rauf Denktash. Their attitude was totally contrary to the letter and the spirit of the United Nation's invitation to talks. They did exactly the opposite of what they were requested to do. Their attitude was utterly provocative and insulting.

It was obvious that at the talks they sought and are seeking recognition of their secessionist and partitionist actions which were the objective and result of the invasion and occupation. Those who conceived and established the Turkish Cypriot terrorist organization TMT, who are none other than Turkey and Mr. Denktash and whose slogan was "taxim" (i.e. partition), have not changed their attitude and are trying to present the realization of their expansionist designs but as a result of the policy of third parties.

However, the policy of third parties, irrespective of whether they are the United Nations, the European Union or key players within the UN framework, is a legitimate policy serving international law and international order.

Europe quite rightly decides about its own affairs, quite rightly declares that it will abide by its decision over Cyprus, and quite rightly rejects the threats and insulting behaviour of Turkey and Mr. Denktash. Also, Cyprus and Greece quite rightly insist on Cyprus'European course.

Mr. Christofides said Turkey's and Mr. Denktash's policy to seek recognition of the so-called "state" in the occupied area and of the faits accomplis brought about by the invasion, is a classic example of insulting behaviour, considering the host of UN General Assembly and Security Council Resolutions which declare exactly the opposite and call on the international community not to recognize the self-styled "state" and the secessionist actions of Turkey and Mr. Denktash and to recognize only the Republic of Cyprus and its lawful Government.

We expect the UN Security Council to give an objective account of what occurred at Troutbeck and Montreux and to intensify their efforts to resolve the Cyprus problem. It is time to examine all available means to promote implementation of the resolutions on Cyprus, as mentioned in a number of resolutions and statements by UN officials, the Spokesman said.

* * * * *