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The Republic of Cyprus, since its independence in 1960, has been an active member ofthe UN Organization and, though small, has made a substantial contribution to a variety ofissues of global concern, from human rights and International Law to issues ofdecolonization, disarmament and peacekeeping.

Cyprus, firmly adheres to the high principles of the UN Charter and International Law.It has constructively worked together with other member states for the realization ofthese goals. Being for more than 30 years a victim of invasion and occupation, we placeour hopes on the good offices mission of the UN Secretary-General for the implementationof the decisions of the Organization and the finding of a just and viable solution. Cypruscontinues its efforts for a settlement that will safeguard the independence, sovereignty,territorial integrity, unity of the country and the full restoration and implementation ofthe human rights and fundamental freedoms of all its citizens without discrimination.

Deeply committed to the central role of the UN in the maintenance of internationalpeace, the Republic of Cyprus has voluntarily doubled its assessed contribution to theregular peacekeeping budget of the UN and ranks among the first countries which paypromptly and in full their contribution to the UN regular budget. The PermanentRepresentative has been traditionally chairing the Committee on Relations with the HostCountry and our contribution has been appreciated both by the member states and by thehost country.

I am certain that the Cyprus page will open many doors to its visitors providing themwith useful and reliable information about the activities of the Republic in theinternational arena.

                                                            Ambassador Minas A. Hadjimichael
                                           Permanent Representative of the Republic of Cyprus to the UN

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