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Help for filling out the Form

Welcome to the Cypriots Resume Book. This program allows you to create and update a copy of your resume which can be viewed by prospective employers. If you need to know more about this project, please take a moment to read our brief information sheet. Questions and comments should be addressed to

User Identification and Authentication

Subscriber ID: Use at most 15 characters, no spaces or special symbols. Acceptable characters are upper and lower case letters, digits 0-9 and the underscore "_".
Password: Use at most 15 characters. They will not appear on your screen.
Operation Type: Your choice depends on whether you have entered new information or simply your user ID and password to retrieve an existing record.
The button for Operation Selection appears both at the top and the bottom of the form for your convenience. Both have the same function.

Personal Information

Last Name (Surname): Enter at most 30 characters.
First (and Middle) Name: Enter at most 30 characters.
Affiliation: Indicate the institution you are currently affiliated with, if any. Enter at most 50 characters.
Date of Birth: Use numbers only, two digits in each box.
Place of Birth: Enter the city with any necessary additional identifier. You can use as many as 30 characters.
Nationality: Enter the country of your nationality in less than 20 characters.
Marital Status: Select the choice that applies.
Milatary Service: Nationals of countries with mandatory military service should select one of the first three choices. All others please select Not Applicable.

Contact Information

Street Address: Enter the address you can be reached at by the companies. Enter at most 50 characters per line provided.
City: Enter the city you are located in less than 50 characters.
State or Province: Enter the administrative division of the country you reside that uniquely defines your city.
Zip/Postal Code: Include numbers and letters as appropriate.
Country: Enter the country you reside in.
Phone numbers: Use the international format for this number: +country code - city code - number.
E-mail Address: Make sure you use a complete address, preferably in the format: username@computername.
Personal Home Page URL: Enter the full path for your WWW personal home page, if any.
Resume Page URL: Provide the full path to the Web page containing your resume, if any.

Formal Education

Enter one degree in each line starting with the most recent one. Provide the following information: Date, Institution, Major field, degrees awarded or expected.

Post-Curriculum Education

Provide the following information: Date, Institution or other provider, Description.

Work Experience

Provide the following information: Date, Employer, Job Description. Include summer- or part-time work and volunteer work.

Skills and Expertise

List all skills acquired as part of your formal training or work experience which are not self-evident from the relevant entries.

Computer Skills

Mention any kind of skills ranging from experience in word processors to system managing and web authoring.

Language Skills

Provide the name of each language and fluency level as well.


Publications could be books or articles in journals. Information about each one should primarily indicate your field of expertise.


Enter names of people who can provide reliable information about your abilities and achievements; contact information can be mailing address, phone, fax, or e-mail.

Additional Information

Enter any text that describes you. It can be in the form of keywords or text. HTML code is allowed; make sure to start with </PRE>.
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