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Why was kypros-net offline for the whole weekend ? [8 Apr - 10 Apr]

Dear visitors,

First we want to apologize for any inconvinience our non avalability between Friday 7 April till Monday 10 April might have caused to you.

Kypros-Net site was brought down by our non-profit service provider because one of our users was using the free services we provide for his account to illegally distribute copyrighted mp3 music files.

We had to move our server to another service provider this Monday (10 April).

Unfortunately the whole incidence cost an enormous financial burden for Kypros-Net, because from now on, we will have to spend $20,000/per year for our own T-1 line.

This extra cost was beyond our budget predictions for 2000. We don't plan to change the services we offer neither to change the non-profit character of our organization.

We plan to raise this extra amount ($20,000) from visitors and organizations like you, who want kypros-net to stay alive.

Kypros-Net Inc., is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, thus donations to Kypros-Net are tax-exempted. Information on how you can contact the kypros-net team, and address to send you donations

The Kypros-Net Team.

Please Visit: Cyprus Embassy Newsletter

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