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KYPROS-NET - Organization

Kypros-Net is an Internet information resource center organization which has a goal to utilize the Internet and particularly the World Wide Web (WWW) system for the promotion of the world of Cyprus. The Internet is a powerful worldwide communications and information dissemination medium. WWW is a system with advanced capabilities on the Internet on the Information Superhighway. Among its unique capabilities it presents information  in the form of text, images, sound or video clips which may be readily accessible via an intuitive user interface. It permits integration of a unique source of information through an easily accessible multimedia network around the globe. Kypros-Net is utilizing these techniques to provide a multimedia presentation of the island of Cyprus and its people. 

Kypros-Net was founded by a group of volunteers in April 1996 in the United States of America. It was registered as an independent, non-profit organization in the state of Maryland, USA. It operates under a not-for-profit status by a core team of volunteers. Its objectives are to support and expand the current efforts by volunteers to build Web Pages and provide information on Cyprus on a daily basis. Its primary directive is to have a rich resource site of ideas and activities on Cyprus, available to the general public. It offers interested groups or individuals an opportunity and the means to employ their input and offer voluntary services for the promotion of the world of Cyprus. 

Kypros-Net was inaugurated on the Internet on Monday, March 10, 1997 at 7:00 A.M. Cyprus time after a tremendous amount of effort and countless number of hours spent for preparation. Management and coordination among the volunteers who worked together, via electronic means of communication, proved to be very effective. An important strength of the team is the knowledge and combination of scholars with very diverse backgrounds and expertise. 

In recent years the team has worked hard to represent Cyprus on the Internet in a multitude of ways. Its goal is to cooperate with the Press and Information Office, the ministries of the Republic of Cyprus, other agencies, organizations, and individuals in providing Internet links and services for Cyprus to the rest of the world. Today, this work constitutes an impressive volume of material on the Internet covering among others Cyprus' history, people, culture, economy, nature and, of course, the national problem. 

Kypros-Net provides mirroring sites in the USA Web Pages for the Government of Cyprus and other agencies and organizations from Cyprus and the Diaspora. Furthermore, it provides support and hosting for a variety of projects about Cyprus with regards to all aspects of Cyprus life and the Diaspora. In addition, the organization is undertaking various projects from time to time. 

Kypros-Net establishes a dedicated center of information on Cyprus and its people by providing news, publications, important documents, treaties and reports. The Kypros-Net team has created a network among volunteers and helps in organizing, coordinating and monitoring all the work constructively in a non-partisan spectrum. The team is expected to work with zeal for the project's success while exercising the highest level of ethical conduct. 

Since Kypros-Net operates as a not-for-profit organization it seeks donations and support in accordance with regulations pertaining to such status in the U.S.A. All funds will be used to provide assets for the organization's operational infrastructure, expenses and requirements. The team operates under a voluntary basis, therefore, salaries or any other form of renumeration is strictly forbidden for any member. 

Individuals or groups interested in participating or offering  any form of support to Kypros-Net's projects or have comments and  suggestions, please e-mail us at

Please Visit: The Official homepage of the Cyprus Tourism Organization
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