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List of countries in profile
by Guest User - Saturday, 31 October 2009, 01:28 AM
  Hi there, since I moved to the US I decided I should change my profile. Changing the city was easy but changing the country wasn't. So, for the time being I hope, Michigan has moved to Greece (pity the move hasn't improved its weather any but oh well).

Anyway, as I was reading the list really carefully trying to find the name of that rather large country below Canada and above Mexico I noticed quite a few misspellings of the countries listed there.
I hope I haven't missed any but I think I got them all. Below is a list with the name of the countries as appear in the drop down menu followed with the names properly spelled. Note that, while the option "Ανγκόλα" for "Angola" is not per se wrong, the official transliteration, as can be seen in such sites as mfa.gr, is "Αγκόλα".

Αιτή Αϊτή
Ανγόλα Ανγκόλα Αγκόλα
Καμπντόντζη Καμπότζη
Νότιοσ Αφρική Νότιος Αφρική
Παλεστίνη Παλαιστίνη
Πολονία Πολωνία
Φίντζι Φίτζι