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   Update: October 1, 1997
Kypros-Net comprises a rich online information source on Cyprus. 
Since September 1, 1997 the following new updates have been made:
    Kypros-Net Projects

The Cy-News page has been expanded providing extensive coverage 
of Cyprus related News and Events on a daily basis.

        Mirrored Pages
The Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) was established under the Cyprus
Securities and Stock Exchange Law which provides for the development 
of the securities market in Cyprus and for the establishment and
operation of the Cyprus Stock Exchange, and was passed by the
House of Representatives in April 1993. 

The official web page of the Cyprus Stock Exchange with daily
Market Indices and Closing Prices is mirrored on Kypros-Net at:      
        * MARITIME CYPRUS: This year's "Maritime Cyprus '97" 
Conference is scheduled to take place between 6 and 8 October 
1997 and aims to provide an international forum for the discussion 
of topics of vital interest to the shipping world.
 Kypros-Net is mirroring the official web page of "Maritime Cyprus '97"

        * OCCUPIED CYPRUS:"Famagusta and Kerynia"
        A look at the now occupied Cyprus through the camera lens of
        Laurie Patton

        * EMBASSY OF CYPRUS: Newsletter, September 1997 issue

        * Displaced Greek Communities of Cyprus:
        An interactive guide (designed by  Mr Laris Vrahimis) to the Greek
        communities of Cyprus that were illegally displaced from their
        homes as a result of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus of July/August
        1974 and the subsequent Turkish military occupation of 37% of the
        island's territory.

        * CYPRUS SPORTS PAGE: News and results about the Cyprus Soccer

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The Republic of Cyprus celebrates its independence day on October 1st. Cyprus' independence came into being in 1960, after a long anti-colonial struggle against the British rule. However, the Republic of Cypru s had only enjoyed its independence until July 1974, when Turkey invaded the island to occupy 38% of the land and chase away some 163,000 Greek Cypriot refugees. Twenty three years on, Turkey maintains the illegal occupation in defiance of United Nations Resolutions of unequivoal substance. And the Cyprus Problem has become a major dispute in t he sensitive Middle East. 

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