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                  KYPROS-NET - THE WORLD OF CYPRUS

                     Update: November, 1997
        Kypros-Net comprises a rich online information source
        on Cyprus. Since October 1, 1997 the following new
        updates have been made:
        Kypros-Net Projects

        A new more compact, user-friendly, nicer and faster to load
        front page layout was installed.

        * CURRENT NEWS: 
        The Cy-News page has been expanded providing extensive coverage of
        Cyprus related News and Events on a daily basis. Now you can find

        daily coverage of Stock Exchange indices and closing prices and
        the Cyprus Exchange Rates.

        *ELECTIONS 98:
        Extensive coverage of the Presidential Elections in Cyprus.
        Includes a presentation of previous presidential elections,
        election polls and an on-line gallop.


        *SPORT NEWS:
        A new section covering the Sport News relevant to Cyprus


        Mirrored Pages

        The official page of the Cyprus Postal Services mirrored by
        Kypros-Net at  
        * EMBASSY OF CYPRUS: Newsletter, November 1997 issue

        Plus Interesting Information expanding on a daily basis.
        Visit Kypros-Net at:


        Please feel free to distribute this announcement
        anywhere you think it will be useful.
        Please direct any questions or comments at:
                E-mail  :
                Address : KYPROS-NET
                          P.O.BOX 341
                          College Park, MD 20740

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