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Monday, March 10, 1997

Kypros-Net, a new information resource center on Cyprus arrives on the World Wide Web.

Kypros-Net, a new Internet based information center on Cyprus officially announced its World Wide Web site today. The site, located at, already hosting a large number of web pages that cover various themes on Cyprus, will be expanding on a regular basis.

Kypros-Net will use the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW) for the promotion of Cyprus and its people. Utilizing advanced multimedia technologies, Kypros-Net will provide publications, important documents, treaties, as well as daily news and information on Cyprus. The information will be presented in rich formats including text, graphics, images, animations, audio, and video and will be readily accessible around the world via an intuitive user interface.

Kypros-Net was founded by a group of volunteers in April 1996 in the United States of America and has been registered as an independent, not-for-profit organization in the State of Maryland, USA. Its primary goal is to build and maintain a rich resource site of ideas and activities on Cyprus, and to make it available to the general public. Such a site will offer interested groups and individuals the opportunity to learn about Cyprus as well as the means to contribute towards the promotion of Cyprus.

The organization's web site was inaugurated on the Internet today after many months of preparation An important strength of the team is the combination of knowledge from young scientists of diverse background and expertise. In recent years the same team has worked hard to present Cyprus on the Internet in a multitude of ways. The organization has created and supports a network of volunteers around the world, and helps in organizing, coordinating and monitoring all the projects constructively in a non-partisan spectrum. The team is working with zeal for the projects' success while exercising the highest level of ethical conduct.

The Kypros-Net initiative counts on the close cooperation with the Press and Information Office, the Ministries of the Republic of Cyprus, other agencies, organizations, as well as individuals in providing Internet links and services for Cyprus to the rest of the world. Today, this work on Cyprus constitutes an impressive volume of material covering our History, People, Culture, Economy, Nature and of course our National Problem on the Internet.

Kypros-Net provides mirroring sites in the USA for the Government of Cyprus Web Pages, and the Web Pages of other Agencies and Organizations from Cyprus and the Diaspora. Further it provides support and hosting for a variety of projects with regards to all aspects of Cyprus life and the Diaspora. In addition, Kypros-Net is planning its own publication on Cyprus, a monthly Newsletter.

Kypros-Net operates as a not-for-profit organization, thus it seeks funding and support in accordance with regulations pertaining to such status in the USA. All funds will be used to provide assets for the organization's operational infrastructure, expenses and requirements.  As the team operates under a not-for-profit status no salaries are requested for the personnel.

Individuals or groups interested in participating or would like to offer any form of support to projects at Kypros-Net, or have comments or suggestions, are invited to contact or e-mail Kypros-Net directly at the addresses given below.

Kypros-Net addresses

Address:        Kypros-Net
P.O.BOX 341
College Park, MD 20740
E-mail:        Kypros-Net@Kypros.Org 

Kypros-Net Founding Team


Panayiotis Macrides
Stathis Mavrotheris
Nicos Nicolaou
Giorgos Zacharia
Panayiotis Zaphiris


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