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Financial Mirror PROFILE

The Financial Mirror is the island’s leading business newspaper, published weekly in English since 1993, with a Greek-language supplement - Χρήμα & Αγορά

As the authoritative source for economic, financial, industrial and investment news in Cyprus and about Cyprus, the Financial Mirror enjoys a high circulation with the core of our readers being business people, managers and professionals, and a significant proportion of our subscriptions delivered to businesses and corporations, allowing the Financial Mirror to reach a high quality and targetted audience.

The newspaper is also distributed on board airlines, executive lounges in airports and hotels, and to overseas subscribers.

The owners of the Financial Mirror also maintain a regularly updated web-site ( and publish a daily electronic newspaper in Greek Xpress and a weekly technology and IT magazine, Tech 7.

Based in Nicosia, the group employs 10 people on its editorial, production and administration teams

The co-publishers are Masis der Parthogh and Shavasb Bohdjalian.

For information contact us on +357 2267 8666, by fax +357 2267 8664,
or by e-mail: |