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Xpress Daily

Xpress, is a daily newspaper, in electronic format sent to thousands of readers free of charge.
Xpress offers a variety of general news including politics, sports, economic and stock market as well as light entertainment subjects ideal to a wide spectrum of the population.
Xpress appears in the Greek language on weekdays, targeting males & females of all age groups, aiming to bring the daily news on all subjects to its readers by 5.00pm, direct to their offices or homes.

The PDF format and method of distribution through the Internet (email) also allows Xpress to reach every destination in Cyprus or abroad and be readable by every person or household with access to a PC and Internet connection.
At launch date, the circulation of Xpress is 7.500 copies, distributed free through the Internet. Harach Publications, the publishing company of Xpress and also of Financial Mirror are targeting to lift the circulation of Xpress to 10.000 copies by April 2003 and 25.000 by year end.

Click on the link here to register for free to receive Xpress.