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Re: How can I do this?
by Guest User - Saturday, 22 April 2006, 03:18 PM
  well, it depends on the context.

If you want to call a man "little one" mikrouli
for a woman "mikroula"
in neuter (either for a thing or in a "cute" way as for a baby or sth like that) it is mikrouli again but there's a difference in spelling (see below)

little however is verbatim translated as mikros, mikri, mikro, and in calling someone "little" you should use accusative
Mikre, mikri, mikro

Μικρούλη, μικρούλα, μικρούλι
Μικρός, μικρή, μικρό
Μικρέ, μικρή, μικρό.

While it's not set in stone, for "little one" you'd probably want to use one of the first set.
Lacking any context I am afraid I can't be more precise