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Greek fonts
by Guest User - Monday, 23 October 2006, 09:22 AM
  Hi everybody!

I have tried to solve my greek fonts-problem by reading every page of this website. I have Windows 2000 and can´t seem to get greek fonts on my computer. When I want to go to this wonderful website "learn greek online" the computer tells me to install greek fonts from a file on a disc for Windows 2000, that I don´t have. I have been sent the link from www.hri.org but I still don´t know what to download, because windows 2000 is not mentioned there. I´ve tried to download the program for windows 95/98 and have it now in a folder on my computer, but now what??? I still can´t read greek fonts. Could someone help me and explain it like you would explain it to a to a 5-year-old, because I´m really very bad at th computer stuff.

Kind regards/
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Re: Greek fonts
by Greg Brush - Monday, 23 October 2006, 01:33 PM
  If you have a computer running Windows 2000 (Win2k), you must use the Win2k Greek language support files, not those from Win95/98.

Drop me an email [gbrush (at) worldnet.att.net] and I'll see that you get what you need for Greek language support in Windows 2000, as well as info on the install procedure for Greek language and keyboard support.

Greg Brush