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Re: similarities with other langueges
by Guest User - Wednesday, 13 June 2007, 10:04 PM
  Other than grammatical similaries (already discussed), I find that my friends that are learning Greek find it helpful to find cognates or root words. They are everywhere, since lots of languages borrowed from Greek and Greek has borrowed back:

You just have to be open to it. For instance, "egw" is "I", like the word "ego" in English. Or how "paradeigma" means example, like the word "paradeigm" in English. See?

Some French loan words I can think of (of course there are many many more) are:

randevu = meeting/date
pourbouar = tip
toualeta = toilet
garsoni = waiter (some people say this)

Also, and I am not sure if there is a rule about this (Irene???), verbs that are borrowed from other languages often have "rw" as their ending. So, "parkarw" (to park a car); "gustarw" (to like). Are there more? I can't think of more right now...Irene, is there a word "relaksarw"...to relax...I think I heard people say that...I know it should be "ksapostainw"...