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Re: Request - quick help to avoid illness
by Guest User - Saturday, 20 October 2007, 05:21 PM
  [Let me preface this by saying that most Greek people you will encounter will speak English, so you can tell them in English what your situation is. What you will need to do, though, is show them the list so they can see the Greek names of the nuts. They might think they know those, but I would be skeptical. Mainly, because your health is at stake!]

I would change this sentence from:

Παρακαλώ με βοηθήστε για να αποφύγετε τα τρόφιμα


Παρακαλώ βοηθήστέ με να αποφύγω τα τρόφιμα που ακολουθεί:
(Please help me to avoid the following foods):

Better yet, why not just make it simple, like this:


Είμαι πολύ αλλεργικός σε:

φυστίκια και σαν φυστίκ (επικινδυνότατοι)
όλα είδη ξηρών καρπών

Παρακαλώ ΜΗΝ βάλλετε στο φαγητό μου ΚΑΝΕΝΑΝ από τους προαναφερθείς, διότι αν φαω τέτοια, μπορώ να ΠΕΘΑΝΩ.

Σας ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ!


I am very allergic to:

peanuts/pistachios* (very dangerous)
chickpeas/garbanzo beans
all types of nuts

Please DO NOT put ANY of the aforementioned in my food, because if I eat them, I may DIE.

Thank you very much!


*The problem with the concept of "peanut" is that it is that it is not indigenous to Greece, so there is no real concensus on what to call it. φυστίκια (fistikia) are really pistachios, but some people call peanuts that. Some people call peanuts "arab pistachios" or αραπικά φυστίκια. Others call them "like-pistachios" or "σαν φυστίκ." The way I wrote it covers it all, I think, so you should be okay.

Note, I also added chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans) and almonds. You don't have to adopt my version. Yours does make sense, but AT THE VERY LEAST, use my list of nuts because yours is kind of confusing to read...it is technical and sometimes sounds like it is talking about the trees and not the nuts. smile


I take it you don't speak any Greek? Here are some phrases in case something happens (God forbid) and you need help. I will put them in Greek and with phonetics, so you or someone can read them.

(1) Βοήθεια!

(2) Είμαι (Είναι) αλλεργικός στους ξηρόυς καρπούς και στα

Ee-meh (Ee-neh) all-er-yee-kos stoos ksee-roos kar-poos
keh sta fee-stee-kee-a.

I am (He is) allergic to nuts and peanuts.

(3) Παρ με (τον) στο νοσοκομέιο!
Par me (ton) sto no-so-ko-mee-o
Take me (him) to the hospital.

(4) Χρειαζόμαστε ασθενοφόρο.
Khree-az-o-mas-te as-then-o-fo-ro.

Hope this helped somewhat!