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Re: konta apo to... , konta sto...
by Guest User - Tuesday, 20 May 2008, 11:32 AM

periméno konta apo tin trapeza
periméno konta stin trapeza.

stamatao pisso apo to spiti or
stamatao pisso sto spiti.

to idhio me prosta, apénanti, dhipla...

I walk mprosta apo somebody
I wait mprosta sto cinema

the bus stop is apenanti (on the other side)
the cinema is apenanti apo tin library (apenanti +apo +accusative)

the bathroom is dipla sto bedroom

TAKEN FROM THE BOOK "A BASIC GRAMMAR OF MODERN GREEK for English Speakers" http://bibliagora.co.uk/learn_greek_books.php