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Re: Suggestions on easy ways to use accusative case in Greek
by Guest User - Sunday, 31 August 2003, 04:37 AM
  I guess here, Caroline, that your problem is in the lack of practice. You and many of us, know how to form the accusative form of some noun and can do it properly when we have some time to think it over, but not when speaking fast.
Believe me, I also have some difficulties here, even if my mother tongue is Russian which has 6 cases (Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusative, Instrumental and Prepositional)
We really have to do some exercises but this course does not have them at all.
The Streamline English course's teacher's book (Caroline, you are a native speaker, you do not have to know about this book) suggests the following kind of drill:
I see a big cat.
My friend
Now I will explain what it is all about:
Teacher: I see a big cat.
a student: I see a big cat.
teacher: dog
a student: I see a big dog.
teacher: call
a student: I call a big dog...
Try to construct something like this for yourself.
OF course, this thing should be done in class and very quickly, but we can do what we can.
Hope this helps.