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Re: adjective gender agreement - απλανές βλέμμα
by Greg Brush - Monday, 1 June 2009, 04:52 AM
  1.) απλανές is the neuter form of the adjective απλανής, -ες:
ένα απλανές βλέμμα = a fixed (glassy) stare

See "FYI: other adjective types" in Discussion Forum 78 for more about this type of adjective.

2.) Thea Halo is an American writer of Greek descent who has an Americanized last name. Since she is not a native Greek, her name is transliterated into Greek as Θέα Χάλο, which does not decline: της Θέα Χάλο. If she were a native Greek, her name would be θέα Χάλου, which would decline: της Θέας Χάλου.

See "Re: κυρία Νικολάου" in Discussion Forum 18 for more about the Americanization of Greek last names for females.

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