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A language learning tool: lang-8.com
by Szabolcs Horvát - Saturday, 1 August 2009, 03:45 AM
  I would like to share with the other students of this course a useful website I found: http://lang-8.com/

It is a kind of "social networking site" built around a simple idea: users can post "journal entries" in any language, which are then corrected, sentence by sentence, by other users who speak that language natively. (Everyone is shown a list of yet uncorrected entries in their mother tongue on the front page, so they can help out with corrections.) Unfortunately there are relatively few native Greek speakers at the moment, so Greek entries take a bit longer to get corrected than entries in more popular languages (but I still didn't have to wait more than 2 days). Nevertheless, I found the site to work well, and the community very friendly.

I mentioned this site here because I think that it is a very useful resource for those of us who are not (and have not been) to Greece, and thus have little opportunity to practise using the language actively.

[Note: You can consider joining even if you're Greek yourself (not learning Greek), and are willing to help with corrections. smile For a long time, I did not post any entries at all, just corrected the ones in my native language.]