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Re: the verbs to have/ to be in past tense
by Szabolcs Horvát - Saturday, 19 September 2009, 03:44 PM

The past forms of the verbs είμαι and έχω are introduced in lesson 31. The conjugation tables are given in the transcript.

There is no single simple pattern that can be applied to find the past tense forms, though some rules are given in lessons 66 through 68. Even the present tense has an additional conjugation pattern to what you mentioned above (for verbs stressed on the final syllable, lesson 30).

So I would recommend going through this one step at a time.

You will find complete conjugation tables for many verbs at http://modern-greek-verbs.tripod.com/

EDIT: You'll find many grammar notes here:


and some explanation about the verb system here: