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Re: a few queries
by Guest User - Friday, 2 October 2009, 07:30 PM


1) τώρα πια

This refers to time from the present moment onwards and can be translated "now / from now on" or "no/any more/longer".

2) τέλος πάντων

This is used to leave one point of discussion and move on to another, like 'anyway/whatever'.

3) σιγά (not when it means slow or quiet but when used as a slang expression)

This can be used to indicate that something isn't impressive, eg, σιγά τα αυγά (it's nothing special) or σιγά το πράγμα (it's no big deal).

4) έγινε (used in conversation, maybe something like OK)

This is used to indicate that the speaker will fulfil a request willingly and easily, like "will do".

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