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Re: Opinions about the FSI course? (spelling differences, etc.)
by Greg Brush - Wednesday, 23 December 2009, 01:20 AM
  The reality is that the vast majority of spellings are the same, although, of course, the written accents vary between the polytonic system (3 types of accents) and the monotonic system (one type of accent).

υιός and εορτάζω are "older" spellings, which means that they are in fact the ancient/classical/katharevousa forms of these words: υιός is the ancient/classical version of demotic γιος (/jos/, L18) and is pronounced /iós/ (which, by the way, rhymes with ιός, "virus"), while εορτάζω (/eortázo/) is the ancient/classical version of demotic γιορτάζω (/jortázo/, L77).

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