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Re: Dialect questions
by Greg Brush - Thursday, 4 March 2010, 12:33 PM
  There is also a less expensive version of this reference titled "Greek - An Essential Grammar of the Modern Language" written by the same authors (Holton, Mackridge, Philippaki-Warburton). Although it has less detail than its bigger "Comprehensive" brother, it's quite satisfactory as a companion to the LGO audio dialogues and transcripts. It will fill in a lot of the gaps in the Audio Lesson explanations, and answer most questions about spelling, grammatical forms, and usage.

I have both versions, but the "Essential" is the one I normally use as a quick reference. I tend to use the very detailed "Comprehensive" only for specific info about some unusual question of form or syntax which is not covered in the "Essential". Both versions are available for order from online sources such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

For a little more about these two versions of the reference, see "Grammar Text" in Discussion Forum 18.

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