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Re: Greek, at what age?
by Greg Brush - Thursday, 13 May 2010, 08:23 PM
  a) I can see no reason why a 7th grader (i.e., someone around 12 or 13 years old) cannot or should not take up the study of Modern Greek if he desires to do so. In fact, that is often about the age when young people in America are first exposed to a foreign language.

b) There is indeed a book ("Learn Greek - Greek by Radio Lessons") that was originally written to accompany the course. However, the book itself consists only of the script of the Audio Lessons, with nothing additional added, and transcriptions of the Audio Lessons already exist on the Learn Greek Online (LGO) site in the form of the Revised Lesson Notes and Vocabulary. So I see very little reason any longer to purchase the book.

c) As to instructors, there are no formal instructors per se on the site. However, students can post comments or questions in the appropriate Lesson Forum(s), and I or others usually answer these questions pretty quickly.

d) There are no grades, tests or homework, or any other aspect of a formal classroom environment. Students advance at their own pace and continue with the course as long as time and interest allow.

Greg Brush