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by Guest User - Monday, 19 July 2010, 07:09 AM


I have a question. I'm off to greece with my (veryvery new) boyfriend. He thinks I don't speak a word greek.. Which is kind of true (not really.. Yiassas is now part of my vocabulary.. as is kalinigta.... Actually.. I already know a lot of words... Anyways..)

My point: I'd like to surprise him a bit. I've done the BBC online basics. This week I start the course on this website.. But. I''d like to tell him the next sentence.. and dont say anything weird or emberrasing..

(sorry already for the horrible romantic sentence.. :P)

Goodnight my sweet Greek prince.

Google translate says:
καληνύχτα γλυκό πρίγκιπα μου ελληνικά
Is google correct? And am I correct if I pronouce it: kalee-neegta gleekó preeg-keepa moo elleeneeká ...

Thankyou very much!

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Re: pronunciation..
by Greg Brush - Monday, 19 July 2010, 11:15 AM
  Not quite.
1. since you're addressing him directly, the words referring directly to him all have to be in vocative case -- thus vocative γλυκέ, not γλυκό.
2. you would use the word for a Greek man (Έλληνας), not for a Greek thing (ελληνικός) -- thus vocative Έλληνα, not ελληνικά.
3. πρίγκιπα gets a second spoken and written accent on the α, because it's an antepenult-stressed noun followed by an unstressed possessive pronoun.

So your phrase would be:
Καληνύχτα, γλυκέ Έλληνα πρίγκιπά μου. = Goodnight, my sweet Greek prince -or- Goodnight, sweet Greek prince of mine.
pronounced: ka-lee-'nee-hta glee-'kay 'el-ee-na 'pree-ngee-'pa mu

Greg Brush
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Re: pronunciation..
by Guest User - Wednesday, 21 July 2010, 09:49 AM

Thankyou very much! What an extensive and perfect answer! :D

Now practising!! ka-lee-'nee-hta glee-'kay 'el-ee-na 'pree-ngee-'pa mu..ka-lee-'nee-hta glee-'kay 'el-ee-na 'pree-ngee-'pa mu...ka-lee-'nee-hta glee-'kay 'el-ee-na 'pree-ngee-'pa mu.....ka-lee-'nee-hta glee-'kay 'el-ee-na 'pree-ngee-'pa mu........ka-lee-'nee-hta glee-'kay 'el-ee-na 'pree-ngee-'pa mu!